Kent Boat Jumble

Did you see Teak Carpet at Kent Boat Jumble?

Both Teak Carpet and Trimnet attended Kent Boat Jumble on Sunday the 8th; If you came to see us, thank you!

If not, thats fine we wanted to blog about the event to all that missed us there.

Teak Carpet was very popular with customers during the event. We took pictures of our stand; with our new additional feather flags; we hope we stood out!

New to Teak Carpet 

Remember we have an online shop!

We have recently added a new templating kit to our online shop and its only £24.99! Order now on our website.


Although we understand sometimes templating yourself can be tricky; alternatively we do offer a templating service- and its half price until November 3rd 2017!

Have any queries? Please get in contact:

01634 244844



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Teak Carpets Online Shop

Teak Carpets Online Shop 

New Products!

We love adding new products for our customers! A recently new added product on our online shop is Teak Carpets Template Kit at only £24.99!

Such an easy and quick way to get Teak Carpet on your boat quickly!

We have many ranges of Teak Carpet online; some popular colour ranges can be seen in the gallery below.

Want to know more? Teak Carpet is designed to withstand the harshest of natural elements- sun, rain, wind, chlorine and salt water- while still remaining soft and comfortable, underfoot!

If you are interested call our sales tean 01634 244844 from Monday-Friday 9-5! Or drop us an email: 


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Remember to regularly check our online shop for details on new products.