Teak Carpets Online Shop

Teak Carpets Online Shop 

New Products!

We love adding new products for our customers! A recently new added product on our online shop is Teak Carpets Template Kit at only £24.99!

Such an easy and quick way to get Teak Carpet on your boat quickly!

We have many ranges of Teak Carpet online; some popular colour ranges can be seen in the gallery below.

Want to know more? Teak Carpet is designed to withstand the harshest of natural elements- sun, rain, wind, chlorine and salt water- while still remaining soft and comfortable, underfoot!

If you are interested call our sales tean 01634 244844 from Monday-Friday 9-5! Or drop us an email: sales@trimnet.co.uk 


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Remember to regularly check our online shop for details on new products.

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