Synthetic Teak Decking


We offer a selection of attractive boat flooring colour options which can be ordered with either ivory, silver or black caulking lines, giving you even more choice over the look of your new boat flooring.


TEK-DEK PVC synthetic boat decking the market leading alternative to real wood decking options. TEK-DEK excels in its ability to be placed and bonded to almost any surface including GRP, Steel and Timber.

PVC marine decking and flooring is recognised across the world for its versatility and customisability with 5 plank colour options and 3 caulk options to choose from!

TEK-DEK provides the real teak feel and appearance without the upkeep and environmental impact of real wood. It is practically maintenance free and stain resistant, easily cleaned using a pressure washer, fully UV Stabilised for extended life expectancy.

TEK-DEK has been the benchmark for the last 20+ years by which all other synthetic decking product options are judged! Only the highest quality materials and unrivalled attention to detail are ensuring only perfection is accepted for our valued customers.

TEK-DEK PVC synthetic boat decking products are available in the following colours – Standard Teak, Marabou Teak, Light Teak, Old Teak and London Blue, with Black, Grey and Cream caulking options.

For samples – send a message through the contact us form or via telephone.

We are a authorised advocate and retailer of Tek-Dek UK

All genuine Tek-Deks are only made by Tek-Dek United Kingdom and distributed by Farringdon Marine Decking Ltd. There has been and there are counterfeit products being passed off as Tek-Dek and we have had a number of distraught customers approach us with major issues, who thought they were sold Tek-Dek but were in fact sold a cheaper alternative. If it is not spelt TEK then it is not Tek-Dek.

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