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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it?

A: Unlike internal household carpets, Teak Carpet is made of man-made materials (polypropylene) which has been designed for outdoor applications ensuring it won’t go mouldy and won’t fade in the sun! It’s ideal for marine and commercial applications. It’s also nice and soft so it’s perfect for internal applications!

Q: Can I use outside?

A: Yes, you certainly can! Teak Carpet has been designed to be used outside!

Q: Can I use inside?

A: Yes, you certainly can! Although Teak Carpet has been designed to be used outside! It's perfect inside and will certainly give you many years of happy use!

Q: Will it go mouldy?

A: The carpet has mould inhibitors which will stop the mould causing damage to the carpet, however mould may still occur on the carpet if left unmaintained but this will come off quickly when cleaned.

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Q: Does it soak up water?

A: It will soak up water but the water will not damage the carpet. It will dry quickly!

Q: How can I dry it?

A: Just remove it and stand on it’s end, the water will quickly drain away.

Q: How do I clean it?

A: If the material is dry, the best way to maintain the carpet is to vacuum it, preferably with a power head vacuum or a normal suction vacuum, as this will remove any dirt or foreign matter from the product. Preferably a power head vacuum as it will lift the pile of the carpet ensuring a longer lifespan. (In loose situations periodically the backing and sub floor should also be vacuumed).

If a wet/hosing method is desired, a quick hose off with fresh water will generally keep the carpet clean. Periodically the carpet should be maintained by using a solution of warm water and mild household detergent. First, soak the carpet with the solution for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water on both the front and back of the material. (Important: when using wet method, carpet should be left in open air to dry).

Q: Will it stain?

A: Depending on the application, it is always important to act quickly to remove stains efficiently in the preceding manner. Use some mild household detergent or very mild bleach solution and water, then lightly rinse thoroughly with clean water. If you are not able to wet the carpet down, use either a branded carpet spot cleaner (as directed) or the above method, which once rinsed should be dabbed with a clean dry rag to remove excess water.

Q: Does it have an adhesive backing?

A: No it has a unique blue acrylic latex HydraBak.

Q: How do I fix it to the floor?

A: The HydraBak feature makes this product very stable. Loose laying can be achieved by way of just cutting to shape and laying down in the desired area, much like a door mat. However, we recommend the carpet be edged (bound or overlocked) and fixed to the floor with press-studs, other discrete options are available, contact us for details.

Q: Will it fade in the sun?

A: Our carpets are made from bulk continuous filament solution dyed polypropylene. This ensures not only a consistent supply of yarn dye lots but also the highest standard of UV resistance and colour stabilisation.

Q: Is it soft?

A: It is soft underfoot and feels like a household carpet, so it feels lovely underfoot!

Q: Is it non-slip?

A: Yes it will have some traction although care must be taken if fitting on decks to ensure the carpet doesn’t not cause a trip hazard, We recommend using fixings to secure to any external decks

Q: What colour binding can I have?

A: We can supply and fit bindings to match the main colour carpet or the edges. If you require another colour we will do our best to fit this too. Please contact our sales team to discuss.

Q: Do I need binding?

A: No the carpet can be laid just like a normal carpet, although it will look neater and be less of a trip hazard if bound. All of our matts come bound as standard.

Q: How do I template my boat?

A: Take a look our template options page for all options and more details:Template options.

Q: Can you template for me?

A: Yes we have an experienced template team who can come to you and template the area for you!

Q: Can you fit it for me?

A: Yes we have an experienced fitting team who can come to you and install the product for you.

Q: Will you sell it off the roll?

A: Yes we can sell off the roll although the cost of this maybe more than cutting to a template as we try to arrange the templates to make full use out of a role. By providing from the roll you may be paying for wastage.

Q: Is it only for boats?

A: No! It’s been installed in lots of places including; houses, hotels, restaurants, airplanes, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, commercial boats, etc.

Q: Are trade enquires welcome?

A: Yes we are happy to provide trade enquires and can provide a trade discount.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Yes a years warranty, See More

Q: How do I buy?

A: By drop us a line: 07526 251971 or Email us!

Q: Can you post outside of the UK?

A: We certainly can, please contact us for a postage estimate.

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